Power for a Changing World

Going Green with Solar

Solar Panel Installation for Green Homes and Businesses

Alternative Power & Electric supports a green environment. We can help you do the same.  Here is what it is all about.

About residential solar power systems

A basic grid-tie system, consists of solar cells and a grid-tie inverter. Solar cells take the Sun's energy and turn it into DC electricity. The inverter turns the DC electricity generated by the solar cells into utility grade AC power for use in your home or business.

To enjoy the benefits of green power production and protect your family from blackouts, you can choose a grid-tie system with batteries and a generator. When utility power fails, your power system will automatically provide power to run your home security system, refrigerator, lights, computer and other vital appliances.

A grid-tie system is an effective way to reduce your dependence on utility power, lower your electric bills, increase green energy production and improve the environment.
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