Alternative Power and Electric has the tools, and expertise for performing electrical repair and the installation of fixtures.

24/7 Generator Repair In San Jose

Did your power go out at the worst time?  Let us help!  Alternative Power And Electric is here to provide generator repair in San Jose, regardless of the time.  In other words, give us a call if an electrical emergency comes up, and we’ll send someone to help you.

Generator Repair Near Me

Generator Repair

Your  lights don’t have to turn off during electrical outages with a backup generator.  There’s no reason to wait until the power comes back on.

Grow Farm Services

Grow Farm Services

The cannabis plant requires very sensitive light conditions.  If you have an electrical issue, you need to be up and running quickly.

Generator Repair Near Me

Home & Office

Electrical issues can occur without notice in any home or office.  We can fix any electrical problem, and help you prepare for any power outage.


Generator Repair, Maintenance, Replacement

TVSS (surge suppression)


Home electrical inspections and evaluations


Radon Ventilator Systems

Improvements & Installations

Home Inspection Consultation


All properties need an electrical upgrade at some point in their lifespans.  The reason for this is simply because of changes in state law, as well as building codes.  Electrical components also go bad over time, and need to be replaced to keep your system running.  Above all, when you upgrade your electrical system, you’re less likely to need generator repair in San Jose.

New Circuits

Hot Tub and Swimming Pools

New AC and Swamp Cooler Circuits

Ceiling Fans

Whole House Fans

Attic Ventilators

Additions And Remodels

Electric Car Chargers

Finishing Touches

Alternative Power And Electric wants to ensure that your property is performing well electrically.  However, we also have the knowledge to perform some other types of contracting work.  This includes work with basements, room addition, kitchens, and bathrooms.  Likewise, we understand the importance of making sure that electrical work doesn’t interfere with the appearance of your interior.

Basement Finishes

Room Additions

Kitchen and Bath Remodels

Patio Enclosure Wiring


LED Lighting

LED lights are the natural successor to traditional incandescent lighting for many reasons.  For instance, LED lights can emit very bright light with very low power consumption.  Therefore, there is less of a load on the overall system, while saving big on your energy bill.  With less of a load on the system, you can expect that there will be less of a need for generator repair in San Jose.

Landscape Lighting

Christmas Lighting

Lighting Upgrades

Decorative Lighting

Common Area Lighting

Plant Lighting